Medicine at the U

Client: M Physicians

Promo videos for University of Minnesota Physicians

Camera: Adam Olson
Editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Leigh Connor

Client: University of Minnesota Medical School

Med School Graduate Program (9-part series)

Camera: Eve Daniels & Adam Olson
Editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Kristine Elias and Maddie Eaton

General Surgery Residency

Camera: Adam Olson (plus some existing B-roll)
Editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Amanda Brower

Environmental Research

Get to know the people, projects, and vision of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.

Client: Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Megan Guerber, Akisha Everett, Julie Hanus, Todd Reubold
Voiceover on Made in MN: Kate Knuth
Select B-roll on energy storage video courtesy of project partners