Eve Daniels LLC

Me & my colleague, Harold

Through film or words, telling a good story requires a lot of different skills from start to finish. If you have a bigger budget, you can hire an agency with dedicated experts for each area, from pre-production to post. But that requires time and money that you may not have available.

Most of my clients want the best quality they can get on a short timeline and a smaller budget, without a lot of handholding. That’s what I try to deliver with every creative project. And my clients keep coming back.

Streamlined creative

Along with hands-on skills in video production, including camera, sound, and editing, I have nearly two decades of career experience in communications and writing. As a result, you’ll get videos, articles, and web copy that engage your target audience while capturing your brand and marketing goals.

Since starting the business in 2014, I’ve helped my clients raise funds, recruit customers, promote products, boost social engagement, and inspire audiences at events. Email me (evedaniels@gmail.com) and see my resume for more info.