Browse a selection of videos that I’ve directed, shot, and edited.


Read some of the articles I’ve written for local and national media.

Bell Museum

Minnesota’s natural history museum features a planetarium, high-tech exhibits, wildlife dioramas, outdoor learning, and more.

Sugar & Honey

I loved my friend’s song so much, I decided to make a music video, featuring a year in the life of his son, Dylan.

Women in STEM

This video series spotlights four women who are making strides in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Apparel Design

Learn about the Apparel Design program and see the trends from five decades of student fashion shows.

Cool Places

Take a look at a few of the “mood pieces” that I produced just for fun, from Ireland to Iceland to Minnesota.

Cancer Research

Meet three researchers in the College of Science & Engineering who are working on breakthrough cancer treatments.

Murals Your Way

Watch some fun mural installation tutorials, along with a short documentary on this family-owned company.

Biological Sciences

The College of Biological Sciences provides an in-depth understanding of molecules, ecosystems, and everything in between.

Cedar Creek

Faculty and staff at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve talk about history, key discoveries, and outreach efforts.