In 2009, after a 10-year career in communications, I went to film school. The teachers were great and I fell in love with the craft. Since then, I continue to learn new skills on the job—and the learning never ends.

On most videos, I operate as a “one-woman crew,” checking in with clients as needed. For certain projects with a larger budget, I’ll subcontract to one or two additional crew members (e.g. second camera, drone, sound tech, etc.). Watch some of the videos I’ve produced to date…

A Few Favorites

Arts & Culture

Field Notes // Grand Opening // Goldy Visit – Bell Museum of Natural History

Gingerbread Wonderland – Norway House

Festival of Nations Dance Practice – Selections from 2019 B-roll shoot

House of Balls – Minnesota Niche

College Recruitment

Earth Sciences – College of Science & Engineering
(1 of 13 videos I produced in Why I Chose My Major series)

Graduate Experience in CEMS – Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Society of Women Engineers – College of Science & Engineering

Project Lead the Way – College of Science & Engineering


Preventing the Spread of Spiny Waterflea – MAISRC
(1 of 6 videos I produced in MAISRC research series)

75 Years at Cedar Creek – Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

People of IonE and Made in Minnesota – Institute on the Environment

Bioremediation at the Bell Museum – MnDRIVE

Fashion & Design

Apparel Design – College of Design

Retail Merchandising – College of Design

Food & Lifestyle

Patisserie 46 – Heavy Table

Barbette – Heavy Table

Winter Sucks // The Ju(i)cy Lucy – TPT Rewire

Meet the CFO // COO Retirement Tribute – Lunds & Byerlys


Driven: Building a Stronger Minnesota – UMN Extension

Summer Interns, Future Leaders – College of Liberal Arts

Campaign for CBS – College of Biological Sciences

Impact of CBS Scholarships – College of Biological Sciences

Health & Wellness

Meet Zaheeda // Meet Ken – Guild Incorporated

Max’s Story – Touchpoint Media

Joey’s Story // Deborah’s Story – Emily Program

Little Partners Dental Benefit // Well@Work Clinics – HealthPartners

Children’s Be Well – Children’s Minnesota


SmartStick Mural Installation – Murals Your Way

Mural Installation – Murals Your Way

Science & Technology

10 Years of Minnesota Compass – Wilder Research

Maria Gini – College of Science & Engineering

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering – Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Small Business

Baldwin Supply Company – Touchpoint Media

Murals Your Way – Murals Your Way

Arms & Armor
(1 of 6 videos from MN Niche series, which I produced when I first started out in film) 


Iceland! – Personal project

Minnesota State Fair – Personal project

The Wild Midwest – Personal project

(See more on my Vimeo page)


Access to Destinations – Center for Transportation Studies

Bike and Pedestrian Counting – Center for Transportation Studies

Murphy Engine Research Lab – College of Science & Engineering

Youth Programs

Discover the Rube Goldberg Challenge – Minnesota 4-H

4-H at the Minnesota State Fair – Minnesota 4-H

In the Middle of Something Great – College of Liberal Arts

Cool Places

Want a short video tribute that captures the energy of your destination or special event? Check out these examples.

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels

Film Photography

If you’d like to add a throwback look to your videos, I also dabble in 35mm film photography, using an old Pentax Spotmatic with vintage lens. Here are a few recent favorites…

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Guild Incorporated

Get to know Guild, a treatment and service provider for people with mental illness, and how it has helped clients improve their everyday lives.

Client: Guild Incorporated

Camera on Meet Zaheeda & Meet Ken: Adam Olson, Eve Daniels
Camera on Life Every Day: Eve Daniels
Sound on Meet Zaheeda: Adam Biel, Chris Groschen
Editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Hayla Drake, Susan Maas

Minnesota Extension

Client: University of Minnesota Extension


Extension programs

4-H Science of Agriculture

More 4-H programs

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Camera on Science of Agriculture VersaLime: Adam Olson
Interviews: Wendy Huckaby, Ann Nordby, Cat Dehdashti
Building a Stronger Minnesota also includes shots by Cory Ryan, Dylan VanBoxtel, Adam Olson, Cat Dehdashti, and other contributors

Aquatic Invasive Species

MAISRC is working to reduce the impacts of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota. Produced in summer 2018, this video series offers info on managing and preventing the spread of these invasive species.

Client: Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC)

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Spiny Waterflea and lake drone footage: Alexander Carr
Drone footage and select B-roll on Common Carp Biocontrol: Isaiah Tolo
Interviews: Christine Lee

Survey Design Strategies

Produced in partnership with MAISRC researchers and students, this instructional video can help agencies, watershed districts, and anyone trying to manage zebra mussel infestations in lakes. See project website for more info.

Camera on narrator, editing: Eve Daniels
Narrator: Aislyn Keyes
Scriptwriting: Survey research team
Underwater and on-land demo footage provided by survey research team

Science & Engineering

Client: College of Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota

National Society of Black Engineers

Why I Chose My Major

This video is one of a 13-part series I produced for CSE, featuring a short video on each of the 13 departments (and the majors within those departments):

See the full playlist

Student Recruitment Series

More CSE Videos

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Pauline Oo, Rhonda Zurn, Silva Young

Additional B-roll and photos courtesy of University of Minnesota, Adam Olson, and the faculty/students

Murals Your Way

Watch some fun mural installation tutorials, along with a short documentary on this family-owned Minnesota company.

Client: Murals Your Way

Installation Tutorials

Camera: Eve Daniels, Cristi Rumpza, Dylan VanBoxtel
Editing: Eve Daniels
Narrator/actress: Bridget Barrick
Other actors: Greg Yoch & Molly Schroeder

Our Story

Get to know the people, products and vision behind the company.

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Bridget Barrick

Are You MN Enough?

In these short videos for TPT’s Rewire, I focused on two icons of Minnesota: long winters and cheese-stuffed hamburgers.

Client: Rewire, Twin Cities Public Television

The Ju(i)cy Lucy

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Scriptwriter, narrator: James Norton
Still photos: Becca Dilley and Andria Waclawski

Winter Sucks

Scriptwriter, camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Assistant producer: John Daniels
Original music: Jon Colville, aka The Cattle Rustler