Cedar Creek

Faculty and staff at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve talk about history, key discoveries, and outreach efforts.

Client: Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, University of Minnesota

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels

2021 Research Series

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Scripts & Narration: Caitlin Potter, Sarah Hobbie, Eric Seabloom, Peter Kennedy
Select photos and footage courtesy of CBS

Aquatic Invasive Species

I’ve produced a dozen videos and counting for MAISRC to date, all focused on sharing research and best practices for managing aquatic invasive species in Minnesota. Here are a few favorites.

Client: Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC)

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Camera on Stop Spiny Water Flea: David Cowardin
Drone footage and select B-roll: Kristin Loobeek, Alexander Carr, Isaiah Tolo

Mill City Museum

I filmed and edited four short videos as part of Mill City Museum’s exhibit, “What Makes Minneapolis, Minneapolis?” The exhibit opened in November 2021 and will remain in the permanent gallery space for several years.

Client: Mill City Museum

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Planning and creative direction: Julianna Olsen, Molly Jessup, David Stevens
Camera on Jewell Arcoren interview: Adam Olson
Select stock footage and photos credited in videos

Science & Engineering

Client: College of Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota

Since 2016, I’ve produced more than 60 videos for the College of Science & Engineering, for everything from student recruitment to special events. Here is a small sampling.

Student Groups


Student Recruitment

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Pauline Oo, Rhonda Zurn, Silva Young

Minnesota Extension

I’ve produced more than 20 videos for Extension to date. Here are just a few examples.

Client: University of Minnesota Extension

Fundraising & outreach

Extension programs

Minnesota 4-H

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Camera on Science of Agriculture VersaLime: Adam Olson
Building a Stronger Minnesota also includes shots by Cory Ryan, Dylan VanBoxtel, Adam Olson, Cat Dehdashti, and other contributors

Are You MN Enough?

In these short videos from 2014-15, created for TPT’s Rewire project, I focused on two icons of Minnesota: long winters and cheese-stuffed hamburgers.

Client: Twin Cities Public Television

Camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Scriptwriter, narrator: James Norton
Still photos: Becca Dilley and Andria Waclawski

Scriptwriter, camera, editing: Eve Daniels
Assistant producer: John Daniels
Original music: Jon Colville, aka The Cattle Rustler