Side projects

Outside of my freelance work, I’m always busy with a few side projects. Examples include…

Sugar & Honey

I loved my friend’s original song so much, I decided to make a music video. He and his partner were kind enough to let me capture moments in their son Dylan’s life from fall through summer 2016. Shot/edited by me; original music by Jon Colville, aka The Cattle Rustler.


Part comedy/part mystery, Muskrat centers around Lenny Stein, the new principal at Mondale High School. Lenny became the principal just recently, after his predecessor, Randy Rowe, was murdered. The culprit has yet to be identified. During a dinner that Lenny hosts for his new employees, we learn that everyone at the table had a reason to kill Randy.

We shot the whole film in about seven hours, with one to two takes per scene—and the cast improvised most of the dialogue.

Minnesota Niche

Swords and daggers. Ham radios. Companion bird boarding. This is just a smattering of the niche markets in Minnesota. And behind each one of them, there’s an entrepreneur with a good story. Enter Minnesota Niche, a six-part series featuring odd and interesting businesses from the Twin Cities.

I created Minnesota Niche when I was first starting out in video production, as a way to build up my portfolio. Watch the series


Places & events

Sometimes a series of shots and sounds (no talking) is the best way to capture an experience. Check out a few “mood pieces” that I produced just for fun…