In collaboration with your in-house or contract designers and developers, I can help you improve your website content from front to back. I’ll refresh your existing web copy, write new copy, and/or help organize your content in a way that makes the most sense for users.

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Select web projects:

  • MedHub: Reorganized the content structure and rewrote all copy for new site, to align with corporate rebranding.
  • Sinus Surgery Options: Developed a more user-focused content hierarchy and wrote copy for a complete site redesign.
  • Food Matters: Edited scientific content for this multimedia web series to be clear and accessible for a general audience.
  • 40 Winks Foundation: Wrote copy and developed content structure for this philanthropic effort by Slumberland Furniture.
  • Jessica Hellmann: Wrote copy, created new structure, and built new personal website for Institute on the Environment director.
  • FedEx Healthcare: Developed the content hierarchy and wrote copy for an all-new sitelet that streamlined healthcare services.
  • FedEx International: Led content reorganization and copywriting for new sitelet that streamlined global products and services.
  • Timberlake Cabinetry: Developed new content hierarchy; wrote copy for pages and product descriptions.
  • GovDelivery: Wrote/edited copy for new site design.
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Combined four old websites into one new site, with an all-new structure and layout in Drupal.
  • Orthopaedic Surgery: Revamped and reorganized the content, architecture, and layout from the old website to the new Drupal site