Videos organized by client

University of Minnesota:eve2

TPT Rewire Are You MN Enough?: The Ju(i)cy Lucy & Winter Sucks

Murals Your Way: How-To’s & “Our Story”

HealthPartners: Insurance tips and dental coverage

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Farewell to Gloria (outgoing CEO)

Heavy Table: Patisserie 46, Barbette, Caves of Faribault

Magnolia and Vine: Company launch teasers

Emily Program Foundation: Art and eating disorders, five-part series

Pet Project Rescue: PPR Success Stories

Beehive PR: 2015 Workplace Award (I shot the video; the APA edited it)

Minnesota Niche: Short documentaries, six-part series

Just for fun: Personal projects on Vimeo


For editing, I use Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. For shooting, I use a Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon EOS Rebels (plus a GoPro as needed), with a variety of high-quality lenses, rigs, sound and lighting gear.