Minnesota 4-H

Client: Minnesota 4-H 

Discover the Rube Goldberg Challenge

4-H’ers learn about problem-solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork when they join a Rube Goldberg team.

4-H at the State Fair

Each year, hundreds of 4-H youth get a chance to show off their creative, leadership, and problem-solving skills at the Minnesota State Fair.


The WeConnect curriculum promotes empathy, communications and thinking skills, and more in a set of 20 activities and resources for youth workers.

Campus Immersion

Geared for grades 6-10, the Campus Immersion Experience gives 4-H youth a chance to experience life on the University of Minnesota campus, planting seeds for future success.

Shooter, editor: Eve Daniels
Interviews: Wendy Huckaby, Ann Nordby